Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mind Your #@!! Manners!

I was almost run over tonight. Not by a car. By a bicyclist. It's about the 5th time that's happened. I appreciate you polite cyclists who ring your bells or shout out that you're coming up behind me. As for the rest of you, please remember that sidewalks and paths are not Tour de France speedways. You scare people and you scare dogs. Sometimes you scare dogs so much that they bite you. Guess who gets all the blame then? Right -- the dogs and their owners.

Sometimes we just bark at you. Then you curse at us.

And that's another thing. When did it become OK to curse in public? Yes, I use curse words (growling is cussing in Doginese). But not loudly on the cell phone. Not at the grocery store. Not at the park. Not everywhere people of all ages gather.

Most dogs are taught basic manners. Aren't humans?

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